The Prado Museum is considered among the most outstanding Museums of the world in classic art. Within a collection of 8.000 paintings it features the most celebrated pictures by artists like Veláquez, Goya, Rubens and El Greco whose production on display is the most relevant in the world, and an exquisite selection of most XV-XVII European masters, same as Spanish XVIII-XIX paintings.

BGT-1 The Prado Highlights

A detailed selection of the most renown masterpieces from Spanish, Italian and Flemish Schools

BGT-2 The secrets of Prado

Get inside in a world influenced by revolutionary religious and philosophical theories capable of shaking the foundations of the most rooted medieval beliefs.

Secret sects, startling conspiracies, new interpretation of the traditional Revelation in the western European people, recondite messages destined to future generations...

A disturbing world which perpetuated within some masterpieces dangerous heresies, astrological signs and occultism.

BGT-3 Top Spanish Masters: Velázquez and Goya

Their world most complete collection of art featuring above anyone "Las Meninas" and The Family of King Carlos IV" as paramount artworks.


BGT-4 The Jewish Prado

Discover unexpected secrets linked to a JEWISH WORLD forced to remain underground by the time political-religious fanaticism.

The pleasure to decipher the Recondite and the Mistery in the pictures awaits you in this Special Tour of "The Jewish Prado".


BGT-5 The Prado "a la carte"


We can offer you to behold those artworks of your personal interest, combining them with other famous masterpieces.




BGT-6 Prado plus 2h of Strolls in Old and Central Madrid

You will enjoy also the most attractive and historical districts of the Spanish Capital.





  • Length: 2,5 hrs (Extra time upon request)
  • Price:  150€  (1-8 pax)
  • Supplement for Strolls in tour BGT-6 : 50€ (To be added to all our prices:  21%  VAT, Spanish Tax, with the
    exception of the Strolls)
  • Remarks:  Tours 2 and 4 will be guided always by our best specialist Prof. J. F. Jürschik
  • Admissions NOT included


Contact for booking or request of information:


Phone: +34 649 45 78 22


Office contact: Andrés Furió

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